Unrivaled style with own musical spectrum, HO.K


HO.K made once debut at club “MOVE” located at Iteawon, Seoul. He maintained sympathy with people by his unique mixing style and invited at many different venue as a special guest DJ. Furthermore, he enhanced his name value at south east Asia, specially he has participted at radio show in Thailand billboard and introduced his music to people
and gathered many loves form Thailand. Also he is a member of DJ crew called “MONKEY SQUAD” and show himself at many different event such as club, festivals, and various party events as well.



2018 Em Countdown 2019 / Thailand
2018 GOT7 Winter Tale in Bangkok / Thailand
2018 Naver Designers Window / Seoul
2018 Banila Co Special Guest DJ / Thailand
2018 Hi-5 Miller Week / Seoul
2018 Jose Cuervo Party / Octagon, Seoul
2018 Ultra Music Festival / Korea
2018 Club Vera Spotlight / Seoul
2018 Cheondam MADE Special Guest DJ / Seoul
2018 High Ten Dance Music Festival / Korea
2018 Club X Special Guest DJ / Seoul, Korea
2018 DCTOM 1st Anniversary / Burningsun, Seoul
2017 Sound Wave Party / Club M2, Seoul
2017 Sound Wave Party / Club M2, Seoul
2017 Charms 3rd Anniversary Party / Korea
2017 Maison De Bali Pool Party / Korea
2017 Freak House On Air Radio Mix / Korea
2017 Bangkok Thailand Fashion Show Opening / Thailand
2017 Bangkok Thailand Hive Salon the New Era Show / Thailand
2017 GOT7 Thailand Tour Opening DJ / Thailand
2017 Thailand Festival Tour / Thailand
2017 Bilboard Thailand EDM Tour / Thailand
2017 Mercedes Benz GLA Experience Party / Thailand
2017 GS Shop Party Main DJ / Korea
2017 Club Vera Special Guest DJ / Seoul, Korea
2017 Themalkorat Countdown Party / Thailand
2015 Emwinter Wonderland Countdown Party / Thailand



2018 HonoH – Compliment
2018 HonoH – Emergency