Rising Rookie, All Kind Player, GONGSTAR!


DJ GONGSTAR has enjoyed Electro music since he was young, and inspired by music of Benny Benassi. Before he became a DJ, he built his musical spectrum naturally at club ‘ELLUI’ by working as a hall manager for four years and dicided to be a DJ motivated by ‘GARENZ’. Based on ‘Electro House’ he offers dynamic sounds to communicate with people by his own mixing style with his main genre such as “BASS”, “TECHNO”, “TRAP” and more. Furthermore, he is gathering various fandom as his large musical spectrum and building his awareness as a rising rookie.



2018 Miller Time Count Down / Seoul
2018 Count Down 2019 Walker Hill / Seoul
2018 Club Eureka Special Guest DJ / Korea
2018 Spectrum Dance Music Festival / Korea
2018 Club HIVE Special Guest DJ / Seoul
2018 Club Arena Special Guest DJ / Seoul
2018 Cheongdam MADE Special Guest DJ / Seoul
2018 DCTOM 1st Anniversary / Burningsun, Seoul
2018 Club Vera / Club Vera, Seoul
2018 Sound Wave / Korea
2017 World Club Dome / Korea
2017 Mad Boys Party / Club MUIN, Korea
2017 Kloud Summer Night Out / Banyantree, Seoul
2017 Surfy Beach / Korea
2017 Jisan Valley Rock Festival
2017 Chanpagne Showers / Club Vera, Korea
2016 Pious People / Club Vera, Korea
2016 All Duo Volume / Club THE A, Korea
2016 Jauz Openning / Club Palace Korea